This is a way overdue post. It was supposed to be posted at the start of the year but procrastination got the better of me.

(lengthy post ahead. just saying)


2011 is over just like that.

Looking back, 2011 held some memories for me – both pleasant and unpleasant ones:

1. I started 2011 on a rather unpleasant note. I was a temporary cripple – after fracturing my left ankle for the 3rd time in 3 years back in December 2010 – and I was pretty much a stay-home kid for the entire December holidays. All I could do was to look at Twitter and Facebook and envy how much fun the rest of my peers are having. I missed maincomm chalet and the EOY NBS bash. And along with that, YOSHI was self-destructing. CGL not around, and nobody bothers to take any fucking initiative so voila, no OG outings and when school reopens, SOME of them even came to ask “EH CGL WHY NO OUTING” awesome leh u guys, really. Furthermore, towards the end of the holidays, some things happened and I went through a very tough emotional battle. And to be honest, I’m not exaggerating here; it was kinda an unprecedented emotional struggle I was facing. It was a rather “eventful” holidays so to speak.

An injury.

A breakup.

A rejection.

2. School reopened and likewise, I told myself: STUDY HARD MAN. AIM FOR GOOD GPA. And once again, I failedΒ myself. But then again, I totally enjoyed my 2nd sem of uni. I had a bunch of awesome friends around me and slowly, I managed to regain my old happy self. Being involved in FOC also helped a great deal and I’m very thankful to know this great batch of maincommers:

Also, I got closer to a few friends in NBS and I’m really thankful that they are a bunch of fun-loving people who don’t really talk about studies 24/7.

As usual, I was (still am btw) damn anal about people who talk about academic matters. The fact is not that I’m bitter about how poor my grades are compared to the average NBS kid but instead, I don’t understand how hypocritical and low EQ some people can get.

3. YOSHI. I share a love-hate relationship with my NBS OG. Needless to say, it played a big part in my Year 1’s life. I feel very happy whenever I hang out with them (e.g. we can just do silly stuff together and still feel awesome about ourselves). Being the CGL, of course I felt the pressure to bond everyone together. And just for the record, whoever thinks that it’s a damn simple job of just spamming a few long smses, well, go try and be one before you come and talk to me (nicer way of saying “go fuck yourself).

As the sem went by, the camps came. And wow, must I say that that 2 months of back to back camps not only left me with a super chao tar skin colour, it also contributed to one of the happiest times in my life. I am thankful to have my super zai sidekicks, my GLs – Jiawei, Kelwin, Pauline and Huiyi – to help me out before/during FOC; and definitely not forgetting the SAs and Programmers who were indispensable to the whole camp as well πŸ™‚

4. MARIO.Β And then, along came these kids. As the CGL, I was really really stressed up as last year’s FOC approaches.

Am I going to be rah-rah enough? What if I can’t make the FOC a fun one for my freshies? Not enough welfare money how? Can I handle all 43 total strangers and forge a strong bond between all of them within 5 days?

The rest was then history. At the end of the entire FOC, I was damn bloody shagged out. Having slept for only like 7-8 hours throughout the entire 5 days, I was pretty amazed that I was still able to lead cheers on the last day. Everyone was tired, but satisfied. Seeing the mario babies leading cheers on their own on the last day in the seminar room, I can’t help but feel very accomplished; and I believe that many of the seniors share the same sentiments as me. 5 days were over in a blink of an eye and in retrospect, everything seemed so surreal. The FOC that we all have been waiting and planning for for a whole year was finally over.

MARIOΒ is really something I’m very proud of and it’s definitely one of the best things to have happened to me in 2011Β –Β and in my whole life. I love you guys man!

Pre-camp Day

Performance Night (Photo courtesy of John)

I understand how challenging it is to keep the whole OG bonded and what’s more, this time the cgls have to deal with 10 more babies! JIAYOU szeling and alvin! MARIO ❀

5. HALL XV. It was a retarded move to reject going to hall camp but I was very lucky to have met many nice people in hall and one friend led me to another and soon, I made quite a handful of friends in hall. Thank you alynn. She was the first friend I made in hall and subsequently, she was the one who intro more friends to me and that’s how it all started. Though I am not as close to the hallies as it turns out to be, I’m still glad I made some good friends.

How many friends I make is not important. What’s most important to me is who will be the ones that stick with me even in the tougher times.

There were so many things I had wanted to talk about in this post but as I procrastinated, time eroded my memory and so I guess, I’m just left with one last thing.

I met this girl a year and few months ago – somewhere back in Sep 2010. I had wanted to pull out of hall night cycling cos it was on a Friday night + I didn’t know much people in hall so what’s the point of going? And it was that same night (or rather morning) that I first met her; and we were queuing up for bar chor mee at this stopover place during night cycling. Days later, we met at the stairs and I started the convo with one of the lousiest pick-up lines ever: “Hey you are the hall princess right?” HAHAHA. But well, I’m glad I did.

And since then, she has always been my happy pill. Looking back now, we have come a rather long way.

I can still remember the notes you gave me, the times we had maggie together at the stairs, the days you came over to visit me when I fractured my ankle and so much more.

and you probably wasted like 10 mins reading this post. HAHAHA.


2012 is definitely going to be a better year than 2011.

Study hard, play hard.

Be filial, not rebellious.

Love without expectations.

Fuck procrastination.