About me


Born and raised in 🇸🇬.

A 👨 who has plenty of opinions but choose to be selective when it comes to voicing them out.

I love to 🍽️ a lot.

🕉️ RYT-200. Enjoys practising and teaching yoga. Currently teaching at The Yoga Co. 😄


What will you find here?

I find a severe lack of honest reviews when it comes to sourcing for food/hotels/places to go – not just in Singapore but overseas as well! And so, I’m going to give “stripped-down” reviews and comments freely on my page.

I will also blog about other stuff as well so stay tuned for those too if you are interested in my life.

If you like my posts or you have any comments, feel free to leave your feedback behind. 🙂




One thought on “About me

  1. Hey im an NTU student and i’ve been reading ur blog for a while now! the posts are great and completely relatable! its refreshing to see some new opinions on gpa and uni life in general ! keep posting!


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