I just received my report card for my final semester in NTU; And with that, I have graduated!!!

Well, with a CGPA of 3.10, it’s nothing to be proud of but hey, I HAVE FUCKING GRADUATED.Β 

The past 3 years of my life in NTU were filled with ups and downs but lucky for me, there were more ups than downs.

Here is a short summary of my 3 years in NTU (in chronological order):

1. Went for NBS FOC. One of the best decisions ever made
2. Didn’t go for hall camp. Regretted like hell
3. Roomed with my cousin in year 1
4. Joined the Accountancy and Business Club and a lot of other random clubs and ad-hoc events
5. Decided to go for hall night-cycling at the very last minute and met the hall princess
6. Got back my sem 1 grades. Nothing fantastic
7. Fractured my ankle. There goes my IHG experience
8. Confessed to a girl and kena rejected and became damn emo
9. Hanging out with NBS FOC Maincomm was helluva fun
10. Made new friends
11. Somehow became the NBS face cos kena sabo
12. Scored my 1st ever A in uni: Organizational Behavior; and my 1st ever D in uni: Statistics
13. Business trip to Hong Kong. Damn exciting and fun!
14. Achievement unlocked: Created the mario cheer on the plane
15. FOC preparations is yi ge shag
16. Met 43 awesome people. MARIO RAWKS
17. Came back to school as senior
18. Contemplated between joining ABC or FOC again -> Decided on FOC -> Became FOC vice-chairperson
19. See all my friends go on exchange. Damn gian but cannot go cos results too cui
20. Single -> Attached… to the girl who rejected me last time. HAHAHA
21. Results continue to cui. GPA: 2.5 for year 2 sem 1
22. Next sem’s GPA is the best in my 3 years: 3.46 for year 2 sem 2
23. NBS FOC 12/13 was damn exciting. Got cock-ups here and there but still, we managed to pull through
24. Professional attachment at BDO was an eye-opener. Audit seems more interesting than accounting
25. More friends went on exchange. End up attending classes alone and making new friends – some of these friendships only lasted half a year
26. TURF application (big 4 application) in year 3 sem 1
27. Suddenly, I was damn worried about my job because of my poor grades
28. Out of the big 4, only KPMG responded to my application. 1 shot, 1 chance, BAGGED IT. NO LONGER JOBLESS and UNWANTED
29. Motivation to study dropped from 0 to -100
30. Ponned electives like free cos SU everything already
31. Met awesome profs in NTU in year 3 – Joseph Wan and Shirley Alexander
32. Finished exams and waiting for results

And so, there you have it.

A few points of advice to all those prospective university students: Remember, when you come to uni, it’s like different ball game. The studying method that you used to employ might not work. Don’t be a free-rider in projects/team assignments. Don’t just focus on studying 24/7; There is more to university than just studying! Enrich your 3/4 years in university by joining activities (YOU WON’T REGRET).